Title Shown on Bill                                Full Title                                                                Description

STATE EDUC TA                                  State Education Tax

COUNTY OPER                                     Ottawa County Operating

COUNTY E-911                                      Ottawa County 911 Services

COUNTY PARKS                                   Ottawa County Parks

COUNTY ROADS                                   Ottawa County Roads

COUNTY CMH                                       Ottawa County  Mental Health

CHESTER TWP O                                  Chester Township Operating

CHESTER TWP F                                  Chester Township Fire Department

CHESTER TWP R                                  Chester Township Roads

CHESTER AG CN                                  Chester Aging Council

COOP DIST LIB                                      Coopersville District Library

COOP LIB DEBT                                    Coopersville Library Debt

COOP OPER                                            Coopersville Schools Operating

COOP SCH DEPT                                   Coopersville School Debt

OTTAWA ISD                                          Ottawa ISD

SCHOOL OPER F                                    School Operating Fund                                        The 18 Mils charge if your parcel does not have 100% Primary Residence