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The Chester Township Board meets on the second Monday of each month.
The Planning Commission meets on the fourth Monday of each month.

2023 Meeting Schedule

Public Meeting Policy

The posted minutes are a draft copy until they have been approved at the corresponding board’s next meeting.

Available Minutes

  • 2023
  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    01/08/2024Township Board Meeting Draft Minutes January 8, 2024view
    12/11/2023Township Board Minutes December 11, 2023view
    11/27/2023Planning Commission Meeting Draft Minutes November 27, 2023view
    11/13/2023Township Board Meeting Draft Minutes November 13, 2023view
    10/23/2023Planning Commission Meeting Minutes October 23, 2023view
    10/16/2023Special Township Board Meeting Draft Minutes October 16, 2023view
    10/09/2023Township Board Meeting Draft Minutes October 9, 2023view
    09/25/2023Special Township Board Meeting September 25, 2023view
    09/25/2023Election Commission Minutes Draft September 25, 2023view
    09/25/2023Planning Commission Meeting Minutes September 25, 2023view
    09/11/2023Township Board Meeting Minutes September 11, 2023view
    08/28/2023Planning Commission Meeting Minutes August 28, 2023view
    08/14/2023Township Board Meeting Minutes August 14, 2023view
    07/24/2023Planning Commission July 24, 2023 Minutesview
    07/13/2023July 13, 2023 Board of Appeals Draft Minutesview
    07/10/2023Township Board Meeting Minutes July 10, 2023view
    06/26/2023Planning Commission Minutes June 26, 2023view
    06/12/2023Township Board Meeting Minutes June 12, 2023view
    05/08/2023Township Board Meeting Draft Minutes May 8, 2023view
    04/24/2023Planning Commission Minutes April 24, 2023view
    04/10/2023Township Board Meeting Draft Minutes April 10, 2023view
    03/27/2023Planning Commission Minutes March 27, 2023view
    03/23/2023Election Commission Minutes March 23, 2023view
    03/10/2023Township Board Meeting Minutes March 13, 2023view
    03/10/2023Township Board Budget Hearing Meeting Draft Minutes March 13, 2023view
    02/27/2023Planning Commission Meeting Minutes February 27, 2023view
    02/13/2023Township Board Meeting Minutes February 13, 2023view
    02/06/2023Budget Workshop Draft Minutes February 6, 2023view
    01/30/2023Budget Workshop Draft Minutes January 30, 2023view
    01/23/2023Planning Commission Minutes January 23, 2023view
    01/16/2023Budget Workshop Draft Minutes January 16, 2023view
    01/09/2023Township Board Meeting Minutes January 9, 2023view

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    12/12/2022Township Board Meeting Minutes December 12, 2022view
    11/28/2022Planning Commission Minutes November 28, 2022view
    11/14/2022Township Board Meeting Minutes November 14, 2022view
    10/24/2022Planning Commission October 24, 2022 Minutesview
    10/10/2022Township Board Meeting Minutes October 10, 2022view
    10/10/2022Election Commission Minutes October 10, 2022view
    09/26/2022Planning Commission September 26, 2022 Minutesview
    09/12/2022Township Board Meeting Minutes September 12, 2022view
    08/22/2022Planning Commission August 22, 2022 Minutesview
    08/11/2022Board of Appeals minutes August 11, 2022view
    08/08/2022Township Board Meeting Minutes August 8, 2022view
    07/25/2022Planning Commission July 25, 2022 Minutesview
    07/18/2022Special Township Board Meeting Minutes July 18, 2022view
    07/11/2022Township Board Minutes July 11, 2022 Meetingview
    06/13/2022Township Board Minutes June 13, 2022 Meetingview
    05/23/2022Planning Commission Meeting Minutes May 23, 2022view
    05/09/2022Township Board Meeting Minutes May 9, 2022view
    04/25/2022Planning Commission Meeting April 25, 2022view
    04/25/2022Township Board Special Meeting April 25, 2022view
    04/11/2022Township Board Minutes April 11, 2022view
    04/07/2022April 7, 2022 Election Commission Meeting Minutesview
    03/28/2022Planning Commission Meeting March 28, 2022view
    03/14/2022Township Board Minutes March 14, 2022view
    03/14/2022Budget Hearing Minutes March 14, 2022view
    02/14/2022Township Board Minutes Feb 14, 2022view
    02/07/2022Township Board Special Meeting February 7, 2022view
    01/31/2022Township Board Special Meeting January 31, 2022view
    01/24/2022Planning Commission Meeting 1-24-2022view
    01/10/2022Township Board Draft Minutes Jan 10 2022view
    01/03/2022Planning Commission Special Meetingview

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    12/13/2021Township Board Meetingview
    11/23/2021Planning Commission Meetingview
    11/08/2021Township Board Meetingview
    10/25/2021Planning Commission Meetingview
    10/11/2021Township Minutes October 11, 2021view
    09/27/2021Election Commission Meetingview
    09/27/2021Planning Commission Meetingview
    09/20/2021Special Board Meeting 9-20-2021view
    09/13/2021Township Board Meetingview
    08/09/2021Township Board Meetingview
    07/26/2021Planning Commission Meetingview
    07/20/2021Board of Reviewview
    07/12/2021Township Board Meetingview
    06/28/2021Planning Commission Meetingview
    06/21/2021ZBA Draft Minutes 6-21-2021view
    06/14/2021Township Meetingview
    05/24/2021Planning Commission Meetingview
    05/10/2021Township Board Meetingview
    04/26/2021Planning Commission Meetingview
    04/12/2021Township Board Minutes 4-12-2021view
    03/08/2021Township Board Minutes 3-8-2021view
    03/01/2021Budget Minutes 3-1-2021view
    02/25/2021Planning Commission Minutes 2-22-2021view
    02/24/2021ZBA Minutes 2-24-2021view
    02/22/2021Budget Minutes 2-22-2021view
    02/15/2021Budget Minutes 2-15-2021view
    02/08/2021Township Board Meetingview
    01/25/2021Planning Commission Meetingview
    01/11/2021Township Board Meetingview
    01/05/2021Zoning Board of Appeals Meetingview

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    12/21/2020Planning Commission Meetingview
    12/14/2020Township Board Meetingview
    11/23/2020Planning Commission Meetingview
    11/17/2020Township Board Meetingview
    10/26/2020Planning Commission Meetingview
    10/12/2020Township Board Meetingview
    09/28/2020Planning Commission Meetingview
    09/14/2020Township Board Meetingview
    08/10/2020Township Board Meetingview
    07/13/2020Township Board Meetingview
    06/22/2020Planning Commission Meetingview
    06/08/2020Township Board meetingview
    05/26/2020Planning Commission Meetingview
    04/13/2020Township Board Meetingview
    04/06/2020Special Township Board Meetingview
    03/16/2020Township Board Meetingview
    02/24/2020Planning Commission Meetingview
    02/10/2020Township Board Meetingview
    01/27/2020Planning Commission Meetingview
    01/13/2020Township Board Meetingview

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    12/09/2019Township Board Meetingview
    11/18/2019Zoning Board of Appealsview
    11/11/2019Township Board Meetingview
    10/28/2019Planning Commission Meetingview
    10/14/2019Township Board Meetingview
    09/09/2019Township Board Meetingview
    08/12/2019Township Board Meetingview
    07/29/2019Zoning Board of Appeals Meetingview
    07/22/2019Planning Commission Meetingview
    07/15/2019Township Board Meeting view
    06/10/2019Township Board Meetingview
    05/20/2019Planning Commission Meetingview
    05/13/2019Township Board Meetingview
    04/22/2019Planning Commission Meetingview
    04/08/2019Township Board Meetingview
    03/25/2019Planning Commission Meetingview
    03/11/2019Township Board Meetingview
    02/25/2019Planning Commission Meetingview
    02/11/2019Township Board Meetingview
    02/04/2019Planning Commission Meetingview
    01/14/2019Township Board Meetingview

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    12/10/2018Township Board Meetingview
    11/26/2018Planning Commission Meetingview
    11/19/2018Special Meetingview
    11/12/2018Township Board Meetingview
    10/29/2018Special Meetingview
    10/22/2018Planning Commission Meetingview
    10/08/2018Township Board Meetingview
    09/24/2018Planning Commission Meetingview
    09/10/2018Board Meetingview
    08/27/2018Planning Commission Meeting view
    08/13/2018Board Meetingview
    07/23/2018Planning Commissionview
    07/09/2018Township Board Meetingview
    06/25/2018Planning Commission Meetingview
    06/11/2018Township Board Meetingview
    05/21/2018Planning Commission Meetingview
    05/14/2018Township Board Meetingview
    04/23/2018Planning Commission Meetingview
    04/09/2018Township Board Meetingview
    03/26/2018Planning Commission Meetingview
    03/12/2018Township Board Meetingview
    02/26/2018Planning Commission Meetingview
    02/12/2018Township Board Meetingview
    01/09/2018Planning Commission Meetingview
    01/08/2018Township Board Meetingview

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    12/25/2017No Planning Commission Meeting in December 2017view
    12/11/2017Township Board Meetingview
    11/27/2017Planning Commission Meetingview
    11/13/2017Township Board Meetingview
    10/23/2017Planning Commission Meetingview
    10/09/2017Township Board Meetingview
    09/25/2017Planning Commission Meetingview
    09/11/2017Township Board Meetingview
    08/28/2017Planning Commission Meetingview
    08/14/2017Township Board Meetingview
    07/24/2017Planning Commission Meetingview
    07/11/2017Township Board Meetingview
    06/26/2017Planning Commission Meetingview
    06/12/2017Township Board Meetingview
    05/22/2017Planning Commission Meetingview
    05/08/2017Township Board Meetingview
    04/10/2017Township Board Meetingview
    03/27/2017Planning Commissionview
    03/13/2017Township Board Meetingview
    02/27/2017Planning Commission Meetingview
    02/13/2017Township Board Meetingview
    01/23/2017Planning Commission Meetingview
    01/09/2017Township Board Meetingview

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    12/12/2016Township Board Meetingview
    11/28/2016Planning Commissionview
    11/14/2016Township Board Meetingview
    10/24/2016Planning Commission Meetingview
    10/10/2016Township Board Meetingview
    09/26/2016Planning Commissionview
    09/12/2016Township Board Meetingview
    08/22/2016Planning Commission Meetingview
    08/08/2016Township Board Meetingview
    07/25/2016Planning Commission Meetingview
    07/11/2016Township Board Meetingview
    06/27/2016Planning Commission Meetingview
    06/13/2016Township Board Meetingview
    05/23/2016Planning Commission Meetingview
    05/09/2016Township Board Meetingview
    04/25/2016Planning Commission Meetingview
    04/11/2016Township Board Meetingview
    03/28/2016Planning Commission Meetingview
    03/14/2016Township Board Meetingview
    02/22/2016Planning Commission Meetingview
    02/08/2016Township Board Meetingview
    01/25/2016Planning Commission Meetingview
    01/11/2016Township Board Meetingview

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    12/14/2015Township Board Meetingview
    11/23/2015Planning Commissionview
    11/09/2015Township Board Meetingview
    10/26/2015Planning Commission Minutesview
    10/12/2015Township Board Meetingview
    10/12/2015Election Commission Meetingview
    10/08/2015Township Special Board Meetingview
    09/28/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    09/14/2015Township Board Meetingview
    08/24/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    08/10/2015Township Board Meetingview
    07/27/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    07/13/2015Township Board Meetingview
    06/22/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    06/08/2015Township Board Meetingview
    05/18/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    05/11/2015Township Board Meetingview
    04/13/2015Township Board Meetingview
    03/23/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    03/09/2015Township Board Meetingview
    02/09/2015Township Board Meetingview
    01/26/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    01/15/2015Township Board Meetingview

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    12/08/2014Township Board Meetingview
    11/10/2014Township Board Meetingview
    10/27/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    10/13/2014Township Board Meetingview
    09/08/2014Township Board Meetingview
    08/25/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    08/11/2014Township Board Meetingview
    07/28/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    07/14/2014Township Board Meetingview
    06/23/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    06/09/2014Township Board Meetingview
    05/19/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    05/12/2014Township Board Meetingview
    04/28/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    04/14/2014Township Board Meetingview
    03/24/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    03/10/2014Township Board Meetingview
    02/10/2014Township Board Meetingview
    01/27/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    01/13/2014Township Board Meetingview