The Chester Township Board meets on the second Monday of each month.
The Planning Commission meets on the fourth Monday of each month.

Meeting Schedule 2015
Public Meeting Policy

The posted minutes are a draft copy until they have been approved at the corresponding board’s next meeting.

Available Minutes


  • 2015
  • 2014
  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    01/15/2015Township Board Meetingview
    01/26/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    02/09/2015Township Board Meetingview
    03/09/2015Township Board Meetingview
    03/23/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    04/13/2015Township Board Meetingview
    05/11/2015Township Board Meetingview
    05/18/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    06/08/2015Township Board Meetingview
    06/22/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    07/13/2015Township Board Meetingview
    07/27/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    08/10/2015Township Board Meetingview
    08/24/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    09/14/2015Township Board Meetingview
    09/28/2015Planning Commission Meetingview
    10/08/2015Township Special Board Meetingview
    10/12/2015Election Commission Meetingview
    10/12/2015Township Board Meetingview
    10/26/2015Planning Commission Minutesview
    11/09/2015Township Board Meetingview
    11/23/2015Planning Commissionview
    12/14/2015Township Board Meetingview

  • DateDescriptionDocument Link
    01/13/2014Township Board Meetingview
    01/27/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    02/10/2014Township Board Meetingview
    03/10/2014Township Board Meetingview
    03/24/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    04/14/2014Township Board Meetingview
    04/28/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    05/12/2014Township Board Meetingview
    05/19/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    06/09/2014Township Board Meetingview
    06/23/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    07/14/2014Township Board Meetingview
    07/28/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    08/11/2014Township Board Meetingview
    08/25/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    09/08/2014Township Board Meetingview
    10/13/2014Township Board Meetingview
    10/27/2014Planning Commission Meetingview
    11/10/2014Township Board Meetingview
    12/08/2014Township Board Meetingview





Available Minutes

2014 | 2015
Date Description PDF
01/13/2014 Township Board Meeting view
01/27/2014 Planning Commission Meeting view
02/03/2014 Township Board Meeting view
02/03/2014 Township Board Meeting view
02/10/2014 Township Board Meeting view
02/17/2014 Township Board Meeting view
03/03/2014 Township Board Meeting view
03/10/2014 Township Board Meeting view
03/24/2014 Planning Commission Meeting view
04/14/2014 Township Board Meeting view
04/28/2014 Planning Commission Meeting
04/28/2014 Township Board Meeting view
05/12/2014 Township Board Meeting view
05/19/2014 Planning Commission Meeting view
06/09/2014 Township Board Meeting view
06/23/2014 Planning Commission Meeting view
07/14/2014 Township Board Meeting view
07/14/2014 Township Board Meeting view
07/28/2014 Planning Commission Meeting view
08/11/2014 Township Board Meeting view
08/25/2014 Planning Commission Meeting view
09/08/2014 Township Board Meeting view
09/15/2014 Planning Commission Meeting view
10/13/2014 Township Board Meeting view
10/13/2014 Township Board Meeting view
10/27/2014 Planning Commission Meeting view
11/10/2014 Township Board Meeting view
12/08/2014 Township Board Meeting view