Building Department

All new construction and building alterations or additions first need to be approved by the Chester Township Zoning Administrator to verify the building meets specific criteria such as setbacks from the road right of way and lot lines, lot coverage percentage, etc. A Zoning Permit Application needs to be completed, along with a site plan of the property. Zoning Permits are free.

Bona fide agricultural operations are only required to complete an Ag-Exempt Zoning Application and site plan.

Applications for all building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits are processed through the Township Office. Select the proper form, print it out, complete it, and mail it to Chester Township, PO Box 115, Conklin, MI 49403. A check for Electrical Permit Application, Mechanical Permit Application, and/or Plumbing Permit Application can be included with the permit form. The fee for the Building Permit Application is based on the project value and is determined by the Building Permit Reviewer.

Chester Township contracts with Imperial Municipal Services and their inspectors to have all inspections completed. Please contact IMS for any specific questions about your project and to schedule your inspections. Their address is 263 Northland Drive, Rockford, MI 49341. Toll free 1-800-442-2794 or 616-863-9294. Fax 616-863-9298.

Additional Information and Forms