Contact - Assessor


The assessor will respond to emails or voicemails left for me within 7 business days.

The Assessor holds office hours on Wednesdays between 9am – noon, if you would like to speak with me in person.

Each year assessment notices are sent to every property within the township. If you would like to discuss your property’s Class, Value of Assessment, or Qualified Agricultural Exemption prior to the March Board of Review, please contact the Assessor using the information above.

There are various reasons that your assessed and taxable values can increase. The assessed value represents 50% of the value of the property and has no limit in which it can increase. Some of the reasons that an assessed value can increases is because of improvements made to the property and general market increases. Taxable values are capped at rate of inflation increases or 5% whichever is less, unless tare are improvements made to the property.
Section Maps, Capped Values, Taxable Values, Equalized Values, Property Descriptions, Property Status/Location, Industrial Facility Tax Exemption, Appraisal Study, Board of Review and other information.

Principal Residence Exemption Form

Board of Review:

The Chester Township Board of Review is a three person panel charged with reviewing the assessment roll, correcting errors and hearing appeals from property owners.

Errors, such as incorrect names, property descriptions, etc., should be corrected by contacting the Township Assessor who can work with the Board of Review to make any necessary changes. Appeals by property owners regarding assessments and values will be heard by the Board of Review.

Appeals can only be made at the March meeting of the Board. The goal in assessing property is uniform assessments and adherence to the statutes of the State of Michigan. Property owner who are concerned about their assessments can make an appointment to meet with the Board of Review by calling the township office. If you are unable to appear in person, a letter may be sent. Check your assessment notice for more information.

This is only a short overview of this very complex process. If you would like more detailed information it is available by contacting the assessor’s office.

Duties of the Assessor’s Office:

Establishes and maintains the valuation of all properties within the Township. The valuation of all township properties is an annual procedure. The effective date for establishing values of properties is December 31 of the current year. The Assessor’s Office is responsible to carry out the state mandate of physically inspecting all properties in the Township. Inspections include measuring the structures on the property, verifying with the owner, information about the property, taking digital photos, checking the land description and entering the data into the computer.
Maintaining the assessing records which include, annual assessments and taxable values, maintenance of the name, address, legal descriptions and homestead information of each property in the township.