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For your convenience, there is a drop box by the front doors for your after-hour needs. (Payments, Permit Applications, Returning Hall Key, etc.)

There is also a doorbell to the right of the front doors if you need assistance with the doors.

All Township virtual meetings will now use Microsoft Teams for streaming meetings instead of Zoom.

Chester Township is now available on BS & A Online.  What is BS & A Online?  BS&A Online is a collection of municipal services providing instant and convenient access to various kinds of important information held at your local government.  To obtain information in regard to a parcel in Chester Township you can go to: Home | Chester Township | BS&A Online (

Notice of Public Hearing September 25, 2023

There will be a Planning Commission meeting on Monday, September 25, 2023 @ 7:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held @ the Township Offices and via Teams.  Please see below for the agenda and Teams link.

September 25, 2023 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

Microsoft Teams meeting

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Meeting ID: 297 012 947 304
Passcode: dqvuZX

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Chester Township currently has two moratoriums in place.  Please see the notices below:

Lake Residential Zoning District Accessory Buildings Moratorium

Energy Storage Systems Moratorium

Nationwide Emergency Alert Test Happening October 4th

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is conducting a nationwide test of the Emergency Broadcast System to ensure its effectiveness in delivering crucial alerts to the public. The test will alert cell phones, TVs and radios across the country on Wednesday, Oct. 4 at 2:20 p.m. EST. The message will read along the lines of: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.” In case of severe weather or other significant events, the test may be postponed to Oct. 11.

Master Plan 2023 Daft

Map 1 Elevation Contours

Map 2 Floodplain

Map 3 Prime Agricultural Soils

Map 4 National Wetlands Inventory

Map 5 Watershed

Map 6 Land Cover

Map 7 Future Land Use

Map 8 Future Land Use – Conklin

Map 9 Future Land Use – Crockery Lake

A representative from Congressman John Molenaar’s office will be at the township offices on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 from 10:00-11:00 a.m. to meet with residents of Chester Township to hear concerns and answer questions.

Chester Township  Senior Service Millage

2023 Upcoming FOREVER YOUNG “Brief glimpse of Events”.  More detailed information on the Senior Services Resource Page & the Township Calendar


October 2nd
     1:30-2:30 Arthritis Therapy Stretching
     1:00-4:00  Forever Young Open Hall
October 4th
     1:30-2:30 Arthritis Therapy Stretching
October 5th
     9:00-1:30  Senior Foot Care
October 9th
     1:30-2:30 Arthritis Therapy Stretching
     1:00-4:00 Forever Young Open Hall
October 11th
     1:30-2:30  Arthritis Therapy Stretching
October 16th
     1:30-2:30 Arthritis Therapy Stretching
     1:00-4:00 Forever Young Open Hall
October 18th
     10:00-11:00 Moolenaar District Representative
     1:30-2:30 Arthritis Therapy Stretching
October 19th
     9:00-1:30 Senior Foot Care
October 23rd
     1:30-2:30 Arthritis Therapy Stretching
     1:00-4:00 Forever Young Open Hall
October 25th
     1:30-2:30 Arthritis Therapy Stretching
October 30th
     1:30-2:30 Arthritis Therapy Stretching
     1:00-4:00 Forever Young Open Hall
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Chester Township recognizes its responsibilities to each of its constituents and Township officials make this pledge as a statement of the Township’s values and purpose as we conduct Township business.

  • Chester Township will strive to serve its Township constituents with dependable and efficient service. The highest standards and lawfully executed service will be our goal.
  • Chester Township will strive to be a place where employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge and fulfill their individual potentials. One of the Township’s premier goals is to be considered an invaluable work place by each of our employees.
  • Chester Township will strive to conduct its affairs in a socially responsible, lawful manner while maintaining a kind and courteous workplace.

We will always strive to utilize ethical practices and compassion for the needs of those around us and to reflect those ideals in our Township decisions.